Roofs can be tricky places when it comes to finding leaks.

The problem with roof leaks comes from the way gravity leads water along a tricky path far from where the leak begins. The roof leak might begin above the garage but show itself in the bedroom, above your bed, while you’re sleeping. After moving the bed, putting a bucket under the leak and tearing the ceiling apart to find it with no luck, you might feel you have to tear the whole roof apart to find it. That could be the case unless you have help from someone like Royal Crown Roofing with their thermal imaging equipment.

In the old days, a hundred years ago, if the leak was hard to find and it wasn’t too obvious, people might have decided to live with it rather than tear up the roof. If so, the result must have been mold growth and unhealthy buildings. Today we are lucky! We have thermal imaging cameras that can spot problems on the roof quickly, not only saving time, but also money.

We at Royal Crown Roofing will use our specialized equipment to examine both your roof’s interior and exterior for any weak points, producing images that tell us which points allow in more heat from outdoors, also indicating a potential leak. This method can pinpoint active leaks as well as weakened areas that could collapse during a storm. Once we have an accurate picture of your roof’s condition, we can plan repairs. Contact us today!