To all you transplants new to Texas (the best state in the USA): It’s time to prepare for hurricane season.

You may not yet be aware that the year 2022 is charted to bring one of the worst hurricane seasons in years. We’ve had an average of 14 plus hurricanes for the past few years, but this year’s season is predicted to bring 19. As the highest part of your home, your roof will be beaten upon by the extreme winds and rainstorms Mother Nature has in store for old and new Texans alike this year.

It’s time to get prepared.

Experts say that If we experience a category 1 or 2 storm, you may only lose some shingles, tiles, or parts of the flashing and gutters on your roof, leaving a roof that’s leaking. They also say that if we have a category 3 or 4 hurricane, we may have extensive damage to our roofs where the roof covering decking and cable ends are damaged by the wind, rain, and airborne debris stirred up by the storm. Category 5 hurricane winds can devastate our roofs—even ripping them off entirely, resulting in substantial water damage to homes.

When planning a roof replacement in our hurricane-susceptible Gulf Coast location, it’s smart to think about adding a secondary water barrier under the usual roofing materials and also to consider installing wind-resistant shingles. Royal Crown Roofing experts can give you other important suggestions to prepare for what’s coming with this June’s hurricane season. Let them help you out. Contact them.