What’s living on your roof?

An interesting range of critters, birds, and a variety of insects may be living on your roof. Squirrels, raccoons, and opossums all love to hang out on roofs, burrowing into them, and seeking to create homes. Birds, bats, and insects like to nest in troublesome areas like roof vents, blocking the flow of air into and out of the attic spaces that protect the roof during extreme weather and temperatures. We can all love nature without wanting it to live inside our homes.

You might be thinking that you have never seen an animal scampering across your roof, but some dark night when you are up visiting your attic, you might just hear little feet pitter-patter on the roof. And they aren’t reindeer feet. But, if you don’t hear them, realize it’s not likely you will. These visitors are sneaky at being unobserved and unheard, and they may just move into your attic when you aren’t looking.

As for insects, they are less noticeable. Wasps and hornets are known to build nests inside shingles. Bees have hollowed out sections of roofs, intending to build hives. And of course, there are the dreaded termites that eat away at your roof’s timber.

All of these visitors to your roof need tending to unless you want a full-roof replacement. Royal Crown Roofing recommends you get a roof inspection to seek out any problems and take care of them early. Contact them for their expert advice.