Have you had your gutters checked lately?

Here in Houston we are likely to have temperature changes from below freezing—maybe only a couple of times a year—up to over 100 degrees in the summer. We also have tremendous rainstorms and turbulent winds all year around. Our homes are susceptible to damage caused by these extreme temperatures, blasting rain and winds. So, we have to deal with the needed repairs.

Your gutters may not be surviving all this Houston weather. They need to be checked, cleaned and repaired periodically to avoid possible damage to your home and property. Clogged gutters after a heavy downpour can dump water on your landscaping (destroying it), do damage to your foundation, cause water to stream down walls both outside and inside your home and create puddles on the floors. On top of that our Houston atmosphere is unusually high in humidity, and humidity alone can do damage to both roofs and gutters.

Gutters are a crucial component of the roofing system of any home or building. You need one that is strong enough, the proper size, and in good shape to resist our heavy downpours and extreme winds and temperatures. An efficient gutter system will protect your property and save you from costly repairs.

Royal Crown Roofing has the professionals with the expertise to come up with a plan to remedy any gutter problems you may have. We look forward to meeting with you and serving you.