Wind. Hail. Leaky Roof.

Fast Response Emergency Roof repair

Unpredictable Texas weather makes it difficult to know when your roof will need work. Between hail, flooding, hurricanes, high winds, and tornadoes, your home is bound to take a beating at one point or another. 

When the next storm comes and your roof gets torn up, make sure that you contract with the best storm damage repair experts in the area. Royal Crown Roofing will provide emergency services in the case of compromising damage or roof leaks, preventing further problems.

Insurance Claim? We File for You!

We also want to make sure you get the best possible deal for emergency work. We will meet with your insurance adjuster and be your advocate during the inspection process, as well as review your claim afterward to ensure that you get a fair assessment. 

When You Need Help the Most, We’re On Our Way!

We know your roof doesn’t wait for a convenient time to cause a problem. That’s why we offer emergency roof repair 24/7! No matter when the disaster strikes, our roofers will be at your home as fast as possible to stop the damage from worsening, evaluate what’s already occurred, and get the damage repaired as soon as possible.

Make sure you’re ready for the next thunderstorm. Keep us on speed dial at (844) 769-2514 for any emergency repairs.

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