Maintaining and repairing your commecial roof

Commercial Roofing Repair

At Royal Crown Roofing we understand that maintaining your commercial building in top condition is a top priority and vital to the success of your business. It’s important that every part of your building receives care, attention, and upkeep to ensure it functions at optimum capacity. Unfortunately, one of the most important features of your building is often out of sight and out of mind, and that’s your building’s roof. Your entire building depends on your roof every day and keeping it in top condition is vitally important. Do you know what to look for to determine if your commercial roof needs to be repaired? Don’t wait until water comes through the ceiling to show some needed attention to your roof. Be aware of the early signs that your roof needs repair and take those steps in a timely manner.

One fairly obvious sign that your roof needs some professional help is a sagging area or areas on the roof. Your roof should never be uneven and should maintain that integrity from the point of installation. If you notice that some parts of your roof are sagging or indented a professional is needed to determine the cause and what action should be taken. There are various reasons a roof could be sagging including accumulated moisture that is inundating the roofing system or newer roofing installation on top of the old which causes additional weight. Bottom line, you definitely want to take action if you notice sagging in your commercial roof, 

Bubbles or blisters on the roof are also a telltale sign of a problem. Bubbles are usually the result of moisture that is trapped under the roofing materials and when that water evaporates, the result is blisters or bubbles forming on your roof. Bubbles or blisters on your roof could potentially allow water to seep through the roof and cause a lot of damage to the building. 

Moisture signs inside the building is a huge red flag too. This is most likely caused by water getting in through some kind of damage to the roof. Some signs to look for could be water stains on the ceiling or water dripping on the walls. You might even notice a damp smell that seems to be coming from the roof. When you notice these signs, it’s time to call a professional.

Clogged drains or standing water on the roof is also very problematic and needs immediate attention. Gaps in the seams and flashings that are worn or damaged can also lead to water seeping into the roof and further into the building. All of these issues should be addressed immediately. 

Another sign that there is a problem with the roof on your commercial building is a rising energy bill. A good roof acts as an insulator and keeps heat in during the winter and cool in during the summer. If your heating or cooling bill is abnormally high, your roof may no longer be doing its job and it’s time to get it assessed.

And last but not least, the age of your commercial building roofing system can mean that it’s time for major repairs or even replacement. Keep and check records detailing when the roof was first installed. 

Royal Crown Roofing is the smart choice for all your commercial roofing repair needs.   With our years of experience and full range of commercial roofing services, we can handle all your commercial roofing needs including any type of roof repair or maintenance. Our roofing contractors are highly skilled, up to date in the latest roofing technologies, and extremely knowledgeable about all the best roofing materials and roofing systems. When your roof needs us, we’ll be there!

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