Gutter Replacement & Repair Services

Along with roof repair and replacements, Royal Crown Roofing installs brand new gutter systems for your home. Malfunctioning gutter systems can cause costly damages to your home’s foundation, so it’s best to have an effective and up-to-date gutter system that you can rely on. Let our GAF Master Elite® contractors provide high-quality work for the gutters on your home.

Protect your property during Houston storms by having the proper drainage your home needs. Our gutter repairs and replacements are a cost-effective way to avoid damages such as wood rot, mildew, and mold on your home’s exterior.

Section 1 How Gutters Protect Your Home & Foundation

The Houston area receives a lot of rain. If the rainfall running off your roof is directed appropriately with gutters, you can avoid water seeping into your home as well as foundation problems.

Gutters protect your home’s runoff slope, which prevents flooding. Your house is built on a slope so that runoff is guided away from your foundation. However, without gutters, the runoff cuts a channel along your home over time. If you walk along the outside of your home, you can probably identify your roof’s dripline. Water can collect in this channel instead of flowing away from your home—which can be especially dangerous during severe thunderstorms or tropical storms with tremendous rainfall.

Gutters also protect your foundation from settling, cracking, and mold growth. Uncontrolled, undirected runoff from your roof can erode the slope around your home, and result in your foundation settling. This can cause uneven floors, cracked walls, and cracked chimneys. The runoff can also saturate the soil around your home, making it incredibly heavy and putting tremendous pressure in your foundation. The pressure can cause tiny cracks, leading to crawl space flooding or mold growth.

Section 2 How Gutters Protect Your Home’s Interior & Exterior

Clean gutters that function well protect your roof and home’s interior from water damage. If your gutters are clogged by leaves or debris, water builds up behind the clog as if it were a dam. Water can back up, filling the gutter—and start seeping under your roof, causing rot and ultimately leaks. 

Gutters also protect the siding and exterior of your home from staining, rot, and pests. Your roof’s runoff carries dirt, leaves, and asphalt shingle particles. This material can eventually build up on siding, the exterior of your home, and the fascia (the horizontal boards along the outside edge of the eaves that overhang your walls). The build up leads to unsightly staining, reducing your home’s curb appeal. Over time, the rainwater can rot wood siding or materials, resulting in holes that allow pests into your home. It could also affect your home’s structural integrity.

Gutters also protect your landscaping. Without gutters, the runoff from your roof can erode mulch and topsoil in the landscape beds around your house. During high rainfall events, the runoff can even wash away your plants. Gutters protect your plants, topsoil, and mulch from destructive erosion.




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