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Royal Crown Roofing specializes in both repairing and replacing roofs for homes and commercial properties throughout the Houston area. We are the go-to Houston roofing contractor that local homeowners and commercial property owners trust to provide the highest level of quality, service, and value. Our family has been in the construction industry for over 50 years and we are proud to specialize in helping you with all your roofing needs.

After quality construction, our roofing crew’s top priority is customer service. We don’t just want to build a great roof for your home or business–we want to help complete your ideal building. With our commitment to quality, we’re here to help you make your dream a reality in the easiest possible way. Whether it’s financing plans, insurance navigation, emergency damage repairs, or more, we’ll make the process as easy and inexpensive for you as we can.

Still not convinced? Take a look at our many reviews or contact us to see our exceptional service in action!

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Gareth and his team were outstanding to work with. They handled all dealings with my insurance company and did an awesome job getting the insurance company to pay for damages that we would not have received without Gareth and his team. I highly recommend this company.
I used Royal Crown for a roof replacement...very professional service from start to finish, from dealing with the insurance company through to the installation, they make it very easy on the homeowner.They know the ins and outs of the insurance companies and handle that interface. The physical installation went smoothly, they're on time and got the job done quickly and cleanly.
From the initial inspection to the job completion, this family owned and run business takes extreme pride in their work and reputation - the BEST in the industry. Everyone on the roofing crew had a job - like a well oiled machine - and each man wasted no time in getting our roof done in just one day! Even the clean up was impressive! Would highly recommend Royal Crown Roofing to anyone needing a new roof!
I'm very pleased with Royal Crown Roofing. They were on time and they delivered as promised. After the work was finished they cleaned up and picked up every single piece of debris that fell on the floor.I would definitely recommend.
Gareth and the team at Royal Crown Roofing are top notch! They came out after a storm and thoroughly checked my roof for damage. It was easy and painless to use them for repairs. My experience was so great I have referred family and friends to them without hesitation. This is a good honest company that will work for you in what is normally a stressful process.
When I needed a new roof royal crown roofing was a massive help. They got me the best roof I could get and were responsive. Gareth was also a great help helping us through everything and constantly doing quality checks. Royal Crown Roofing would be the first roofing company I would recommend to anyone.
Gareth was terrific. He was very informed and knowledgeable on what we should do. And his crew got our roof on quickly and without any problems. 5 stars would recommend to everyone.
We were very pleased and impressed with Royal Crown Roofing. They were able to schedule our roof replacement quickly and did an excellent job. The owners and project manager were present throughout the install. They use their own crew, that are experienced and very thorough. The project manager inspected the roof after it was completed and the crew cleaned up everything. They kept me up to date during the install and were available if I had any questions. I would highly recommend Royal Crown Roofing for all your roofing needs.
Royal Crown Roofing has been great so far in our experience! The responsiveness is something you just don’t get often. I also know they have my back anytime I need them for any questions we may have. Sometimes that’s what you need in a company- is just someone to know they have your back (especially when it comes to your home). Because when we are ready to do business and get that roof I know we won’t be doing business with any one else except Royal Crown Roofing!
We used them to fix the roof on both my house and my brothers house during some rather rough storms. They came out provided an estimate, worked with insurance, and gave us high quality roofs. I was pleased with responsiveness and customer service we got. I highly recommend them.
I had Royal Crown Roofing come look and look at a problem I had on my roof and I was thoroughly impressed with their response and service. I do handyman and home repair services and I now recommend Royal Crown to all my customers that are needing roofing work. I make it a habit to only recommend companies I have used and have personal knowledge of. I have become friends with these folks and I highly recommend them to anyone.
Because our last roof was installed by a company that is out of business and the phone number is disconnected, it is refreshing to know that Royal Crown Roofing lives in the community in which they serve so they will be here if an issue arrises in the future! The Owner of Royal Crown Roofing came out to my home to assess our roof. The honesty and integrity shown to us in the assessment assures that when we are ready to have our roof replaced, they will be doing the job! Our roof only needs some repairs at this time, but will need to be replaced in the next few years. Thanks for your honesty Gareth!
I had the best experience with this Roofing company. The roof was installed a few days after inspection. This company worked with the insurance company, releasing the stress on my part. The crew arrived on time and completed the work in a timely manner. The finished product is awesome. The roof has a great warranty . I would highly recommend this company.
They were able to schedule us in right away. They were professional from the first phone call through the entire process. The rook looks amazing! They were not the lowest price, but they were highly recommended so we selected them and were pleased. Gareth the sales person was very professional.
Royal Crown Roofing was outstanding to work with. Gareth took care of everything we needed and was there on site to check the quality of work that was done. I would highly recommend this company.
I had an excellent experience with RCR.Gareth was my point of contact and he was fabulous. I had lots of questions and he took the time to explain things to me and keep me informed every step of the way. He dealt with my insurance company and took care of everything. The only thing I had to really do during this whole process was pick the color of my roof and pay my deductible. RCR did a good job on the roof. They were able to finish my roof in one day and cleaned up pristine after the job was done. I will use RCR again in the future for my roofing needs and I would recommend to anyone looking for a roof to contact RCR and see if they can help you as much as they helped me.
I have only had a great experience with this roofing company. From the initial installation to warranty work. They are honest, quick, and reliable. They installed our roof approximately 10 months ago. Recently I had someone come out to give a quote on the hot water heater. The Plumber noticed they could see daylight from inside the attic. I called Royal Crown one day and the very next day they came to check it out. Although the daylight coming in had nothing to do with the initial work done by the roofers but possibly from other contractors. They still honored the warranty and re caulked the seal around the flashing on the roof. If you need roof work done I definitely recommend these guys!
Considering the weather that keeps hitting Houston, the time to ask “do you trust your old roof” is now. Royal Crown Roofing is a great veteran owned, local business that is also nationally recognized as a master elite installer. Check these guys out and keep your home dry and safe this hurricane season.
The business done with Gareth at Royal Crown Roofing was totally outstanding. First, Gareth saved me and my husband money from previous bids for a new quality roof and decking. Second, Gareth was relentless in dealing with the insurance claim and insurance adjustor. And, third, the work was done very professionally and completed timely with a complete clean-up leaving us with a beautiful roof that we are so proud of. Thank you again Gareth and Royal Crown Roofing.
Gareth is extremely knowledgeable, and was very helpful to my client that needed guidance on a significant roof issue. With the proper guidance, my client was able to have the roof replaced prior to purchasing his home, thus avoiding major issues down the road. Thanks, Gareth!
Gareth is extremely knowledgeable, and was very helpful to my client that needed guidance on a significant roof issue. With the proper guidance, my client was able to have the roof replaced prior to purchasing his home, thus avoiding major issues down the road. Thanks, Gareth!
Gareth Nock with Royal Crown Roofing is incredible! It is so great to know a roofer that I can trust. My new insurance company said my roof needed to be replaced if I wanted to get coverage with them. Gareth came out, checked our roof, fixed a few worry spots and did a report showing roof was good for at least another 5 years. The report was accepted and I got my new insurance. Gareth is honest in a industry filled with charlatans. I highly recommend Royal Crown Roofing.
Gareth came out to inspect our roof recently. We only had one small issue which prompted me to get a full inspection, but I am glad we called this company. He showed up on time, walked all over my roof and was able to describe (a) opportunities for improvement of our ventilation when we eventually replace our roof and (b) discuss different types of wear and issues you'd see on a roof. I had a ton of questions about the roofing and how insurance might handle different situations so I was really glad he was patient in answering my many questions! I would definitely give him a call for future roofing needs.
Did a great job, very happy was a little slow getting the final invoice but over all great job!
I recently needed gutters installed on my house. I did a lot of market research and came across Royal Crown Roofing. I decided to contact this company and was quickly introduced to Gareth. After a brief phone conversation with Gareth, he showed up to my house. I was able to show him what I wanted done. Gareth was very knowledgeable about roofs and gutters. He showed me several different ways they could complete the work. After we agreed on which direction we were headed, he told me his crew would be back the following morning to take the measurements needed to provide me the quote. As promised, the next day, his crew showed up and took all the measurements they needed and within a few hours Gareth was able to provide me a quote. Due to their competitive pricing, I went ahead and scheduled the installation for the following week. Just as scheduled, The Royal Crown Roofing crew came to my house and completed the gutter installation. The installation was done in a timely and professional manner. I am extremely satisfied with the work that was done by this company and I would highly recommend Royal Crown Roofing to anyone.
Royal Crown recently completed a wonderful full roof replacement on my home. They were able perform the installation in a very timely manner and at the first proposed installation date.Their sales team was extremely professional and assisted with picking out the best roof type for my budget and home needs. The perfection of he installation stands out next to some of my neighbors homes that have had recent roof repair so much that i frequently get asked who performed the roof work by other neighbors so they could use them as well.Post job clean up was exceptional and no waste was left behind, my yard was cleaner after the work than before, and the sales team stopped by after completion more than once to make sure that we were pleased with the roof installation.I have recommend Royal Crown to all my friends and family that might be interested in their services.

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