Make Your Roof Last Longer 

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Have you noticed gross-looking black stains on your shingle roofing? That’s most likely algae! Obviously, it’s unsightly, but algae growth can also dramatically decrease the life expectancy of your roof.

Algae will gradually eat away at the limestone holding granules on your shingle, removing the first line of defense against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Did you know that algae growth can take 5-10 years off of the life expectancy of your roof shingles?

Safe & Effective Removal: Algae, Lichen & Moss

We offer a simple roof washing service to kill the algae and ensure your roof lasts for years. Don’t worry, we won’t blast your roof with high-pressure water that can similarly reduce your roof’s lifespan. Our expert cleaners will use just enough pressure (MAX 300 PSI) to make sure we can reach every area of your roof, stepping foot on your roof if need be. Our cleaning chemicals are highly effective, safe for your plants, and takes away the need for high-pressure washing. Once we treat the roof, 95%-100% of all the algae will disappear.

Keep Stubborn Algae at bay

Stubborn streaks may persist for 3-4 weeks before eventually dying out. If there are any issues past the 4-week mark, we will come back out at no additional charge to treat those areas. We also offer a three-year warranty on keeping your roof clean. With this service, we will be doing a complete roof inspection and free gutter clean. We’ll caulk all flashings and penetrations as needed to prevent our cleaning solution from leaking into your house. If there are other issues with the roof, such as a leak or missing shingles, we will bring that to your attention before we start the job.

We’re also offering a free driveway cleaning with every roof wash for a limited time! Can you see the algae growing on your roof? Don’t let it get out of control! Call (844) 769-2514 or fill out the form below to get started with a FREE inspection.

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