Are you and your house prepared for our extremely hot Houston area summer?

Your roof may be the key to a comfortable summer when the triple-digit heat is upon us. When the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays beat down on our homes and heat builds up in our roofs and attics, lasting damage can be done and it may not be apparent until it’s extensive.

Unless you have lots of shade trees around your home, your roof is unprotected from the intense heat. When the temperature gauge says the temperature is over a hundred degrees, your roof’s temperature is significantly higher—maybe up to 30 to 40 degrees higher. Imagine what that does to your comfortable home, when the roof weakens and no longer protects you from the heat. Your energy bill will skyrocket.

If the roof is reaching the end of its life—10 to 15 years in our climate—you won’t keep cool no matter how much you spend on air conditioning. Because of these high temperatures, high humidity, and the sun’s UV rays, our Houston roofs show damage much more quickly than more moderate parts of the USA. That means a shorter lifespan and more frequent replacement.

You need a free inspection! Royal Crown Roofing’s experts wait to hear from you and will schedule an appointment to evaluate the condition of your roof and determine where to go from there.