How do you know if you have a flashing leak in your roof?

The obvious sign is water puddles appearing on your floor, water dripping from the ceiling, or water leaking down your walls, creating ugly yellow stains. Improperly installed or damaged flashing is a common problem. When water does leak down a wall, the problem could be located in the flashing where the roof and wall connect, which can rust out due to age, or crack and dry out in our hot Houston sun. With this damage, flashing can lose its seal, and when storms and high winds come, water can drip down your interior walls.

Don’t be frightened, though—damaged flashing is much easier and less expensive to take care of than installing an entire roof. In fact, the cost can be minimal, but if not fixed in a timely fashion, the damage to the interior of your home can be enormous. To create a strong barrier to the weather, continuous flashing and weather-proofing materials need to be installed along the wall and roof.

Unfortunately, almost all of us have to deal with leaky roofs at some point in our lives. It’s a very unpleasant thing to live with. And you don’t need to live with it. Call Royal Crown Roofing for an inspection to find out what’s going on. It’s free!