Do the trees around your home give you a comforting sense of protection from the world outside?

Do you also love doing things like watching squirrels run up and down that gorgeous oak tree outside your kitchen window while you do dishes? And maybe you remember climbing up that old tree next to the house to your bedroom window when you came home too late? All this sounds rather nostalgic and makes us feel good, but on the practical side, trees growing close to your house can cause a lot of problems.

Royal Crown Roofing recommends that branches that overhang your house be trimmed back so they can’t break off and land on your roof during one of the harsh wind and rain storms we experience here in the Houston area. Branches shouldn’t even be allowed to touch the side of the house for fear of damaging the siding and breaking windows.

On top of that, there’s another danger when branches grow close to your house: They make a great pathway for little creatures to climb onto the roof to make homes in it. A branch bridge to your roof will attract rodents, beetles, termites, squirrels, wasps, and many other pests that can chew through the roof and wood trim on the house.

So, have your trees pruned regularly and contact Royal Crown Roofing if your roof has been damaged! They are glad to help you.