Living near the Gulf means roof-destroying weather—at least part of the year

It’s getting kind of hot here in the Houston area today, and that’s not unusual since summertime is upon us. While you may have been diligent this spring and cut back branches overhanging your roof, that may not be enough when the hurricane season hits us with its high-velocity winds and pelting rain. Remember Hurricane Harvey, our category four hurricane in August 2017? Roofs were actually blown off and branches from trees ended up everywhere, including in people’s living rooms.

One thing we can’t live without is a roof over our heads—shelter is one of the necessities of life. So, if a wind storm, thunderstorm, hailstorm, or hurricane leaves you with a damaged or leaky roof, you need to take care of it as soon as you can to protect your home and the people living in it. Remember that the longer you wait, the worse the problem becomes.

Hopefully, another Hurricane Harvey won’t happen for another 50 years or so, but if it does, you can call on Royal Crown Roofing to help you out. We were there during Hurricane Harvey to help hundreds of people with roof damage and we’re here now should we have another disaster like that.