So, you need a new roof and can’t decide which kind.

If you are looking for beauty and curb appeal, consider GAF roofing. It’s the US’s leading asphalt shingle roofing product, offering shingles with 110-mph resistance to wind, Class A fire-resistance and the best warranties in the industry.

GAF, the largest manufacturer of residential roofing materials, offers three distinct levels of shingle quality which are made of fiberglass-reinforced asphalt fused in layers that provide great resistance to the elements and any small critters that try to live in them.

GAF’s Lifetime Designer Shingles come in a wide selection of styles and colors that give the appearance of slate, wood shake and various types of wood that add elegance and curb appeal to homes. For instance, their Grand Canyon® collection, the most authentic wood shake looking shingles available come in beautiful styles called Black Oak, Mission Brown, Stonewood, and Storm Cloud. GAF’s Camelot® II style includes slate-mimicking shingles called Antique Slate and Royal Slate. These are but a few of the many GAF possibilities with the added allure of modest prices.

Another advantage of GAF roofing systems comes in the form of their Roofing Wizard, which lets you picture on your computer screen what your house will look like with the many color and style choices they offer.
We at Royal Crown Roofing look forward to assisting you in making the new-roofing decision for your home. Let us help you!