Have you noticed any drones flying about your neighborhood lately?

Well, it may not be the FBI checking into your neighbors or some scary criminal trying to spy out a place to burgle. It could just be Royal Crown Roofing inspecting one of your neighbor’s roofs. We may not be used to seeing this in the Houston area, but it’s actually been around a couple of years.

They use their 4k camera quality drone technology for high-resolution inspections of both home and commercial building roofs. The old conventional way of doing roof inspections by walking around for hours on the roof is being replaced by these unmanned flying machines.

Roofing is considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs around and having the assistance of drones in doing inspections is a much-needed innovation. Not only is it safer, but it reduces the insurance costs for an inspection and saves on time and costs involved.

Using drones also makes inspection results available more quickly. It takes only about 10 to 15 minutes for the drone to do the inspection and send the detailed aerial photography and video that identifies any problems to the roofer’s computer. The old way of doing inspections could take an entire day or more if the roof is very complicated.

After giving you a report of the damage on the roof, Royal Crown roofing experts will help you in making plans for the repair or replacement of the roof, plus they will help you fill out your insurance claim. Contact them for more information.