Hail Storms can Wreak Havoc on Your Roof

Hail Storms can Wreak Havoc on Your Roof

Hail Storms can Wreak Havoc on Your Roof

Hailstorms are natural weather phenomena that can cause significant damage to properties, especially roofs. The impact of hail damage on roofs is a matter of great concern for homeowners and property owners, and the consequences of these storms require timely inspections and repairs.

Hail is formed when thunderstorms carry raindrops into freezing levels of the atmosphere. These supercooled droplets freeze upon contact with ice nuclei, resulting in hailstones of varying sizes. The size of hailstones can range from small pellets to large chunks, capable of inflicting severe damage. When hailstorms strike, they can wreak havoc on roofs, particularly those made of shingles, tiles, or metal.

One of the most evident impacts of hail damage on roofs is visible dents and cracks. The force of the hailstones can cause shingles to break, tiles to crack, or metal panels to dent. In some cases, the impact may not be immediately noticeable, but over time, the compromised areas may lead to leaks, water infiltration, and further damage to the underlying structure.

Moreover, hail can accelerate the wear and tear of roofing materials. The protective layers, such as granules on asphalt shingles, can be stripped away, leaving the roof vulnerable to ultraviolet rays and weathering. This accelerated aging process can significantly shorten the lifespan of the roof and necessitate premature replacement if not addressed promptly.

Another aspect of hail damage often overlooked is its effect on the integrity of the roof’s structure. Even if the damage is not immediately evident from the ground, the underlying structure may have experienced harm. Continuous exposure to hail and its cumulative effects can weaken the roof’s framework, potentially leading to structural issues and compromising the safety of the occupants.

Furthermore, hail damage can affect the energy efficiency of a property. A damaged roof may have gaps or cracks that allow air infiltration, leading to increased heating and cooling costs. Additionally, leaks resulting from hail damage can lead to moisture accumulation, promoting the growth of mold and mildew, further exacerbating health concerns and property deterioration.

To mitigate the impact of hail damage on roofs, regular inspections and timely repairs are crucial. After a hailstorm, homeowners should conduct a thorough assessment of their roofs or hire a professional roofing contractor to do so. Prompt repairs can prevent minor issues from escalating and protect the overall integrity of the roof.

Additionally, homeowners should consider investing in impact-resistant roofing materials, especially if they live in areas prone to hailstorms. Impact-resistant shingles or metal roofing can provide better protection against hail damage, increasing the longevity of the roof and reducing the frequency of repairs.

Proactive measures will not only ensure the durability of your roof but also protect your overall investment in your property. Royal Crown Roofing and their expertise in dealing with hail storm damage will assist you in our current storm season. Contact them for needed inspections and repairs.

Working with Insurance Companies for Storm and Hail Damaged Roof Repairs: Royal Guidance

Working with Insurance Companies for Storm and Hail Damaged Roof Repairs: Royal Guidance

When your roof falls victim to the wrath of Texas storms, it’s time for some royal intervention. Fixing a storm-damaged roof or repairing a hail damaged roof can be an unexpected and costly affair. But fear not, for Royal Crown Roofing is here to make your experience as smooth and affordable as possible, without compromising on quality.

As a family-owned business with over 50 years of experience, our commitment to customer satisfaction and top-notch workmanship is unparalleled. We can’t help but treat you like royalty – after all, it’s in our company’s DNA. So, if you need roofing contractors for roof inspection, roof replacement, or roofing repair, look no further than our expert team.

Now, let’s talk insurance. After a storm or hail event damages your roof, working with insurance companies can feel like a daunting task. But with Royal Crown Roofing by your side, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the process with grace and ease.

First things first: Contact us to schedule a free roof inspection. Our certified GAF Master Elite® contractors will assess the damage and provide an estimate for repairs or replacement, which will be critical when filing your insurance claim.

Once you’ve filed your claim, we’ll be happy to work directly with your insurance company to ensure a seamless process. Our team is well-versed in the language of insurance claims and will advocate on your behalf to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

In our quest to treat you like royalty, we also offer 24/7 emergency storm damage roofing services, along with the best roofing warranties in the business. So, for all your roof repair and replacement needs, trust Royal Crown Roofing to provide exceptional service, outstanding materials, and a touch of royalty.

Remember: When storms wreak havoc on your roof, Royal Crown Roofing is your knight in shining armor. Contact us today to schedule your free roof inspection and experience the royal treatment.

Have you noticed any drones flying about your neighborhood lately?

Have you noticed any drones flying about your neighborhood lately?

Well, it may not be the FBI checking into your neighbors or some scary criminal trying to spy out a place to burgle. It could just be Royal Crown Roofing inspecting one of your neighbor’s roofs. We may not be used to seeing this in the Houston area, but it’s actually been around a couple of years.

They use their 4k camera quality drone technology for high-resolution inspections of both home and commercial building roofs. The old conventional way of doing roof inspections by walking around for hours on the roof is being replaced by these unmanned flying machines.

Roofing is considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs around and having the assistance of drones in doing inspections is a much-needed innovation. Not only is it safer, but it reduces the insurance costs for an inspection and saves on time and costs involved.

Using drones also makes inspection results available more quickly. It takes only about 10 to 15 minutes for the drone to do the inspection and send the detailed aerial photography and video that identifies any problems to the roofer’s computer. The old way of doing inspections could take an entire day or more if the roof is very complicated.

After giving you a report of the damage on the roof, Royal Crown roofing experts will help you in making plans for the repair or replacement of the roof, plus they will help you fill out your insurance claim. Contact them for more information.

Want to check the condition of your roof? Grab a flashlight and head to the attic for an interior roof check!

Want to check the condition of your roof? Grab a flashlight and head to the attic for an interior roof check!

Performing a roof check from the inside out is a great way to get the whole story on the current condition of your roof.  Take a bright flashlight up to your attic and check for a few obvious signs that it might be time for a needed repairs. 

  • Before you turn your flashlight on, see if you notice any streams of light coming through cracks in your roof. If you do see any light coming through your roof, repair or replace your roof immediately. If light is getting through your roof, then water is also getting through your roof.
  • If you notice dark streaks and stains on the underside of the roof or running down the walls, then your roof is probably leaking, and this can really damage the roof and your home’s interior. If you do see sagging areas in your roof from below, use your hand or a broom to lightly touch the sagging spot. If the spot feels soft, wet or bends easily, you know you have water damage.
  • When you check for dark streaks and sagging areas also look for obvious water leaks or rotting on the inside. These signs of water damage should be addressed right away.

Contact Royal Crown Roofing to learn more about the steps you can take now to protect your roof through regular roof maintenance.  With our years of experience, we can help you determine when it’s time for a new roof or just some maintenance here and there. Royal Crown Roofing offers a full range of commercial and residential roofing services, from new roof installation to roof repairs and more. We look forward to discussing your roofing needs with you.

Good Roof Maintenance Today Mean Less Hassle and Expense Tomorrow!

Good Roof Maintenance Today Mean Less Hassle and Expense Tomorrow!

Your roof is above you, protecting your home every day, but most people don’t give it another thought unless there’s a problem. Your roof is your first line of defense against wind, rain, snow, hail and heat. Every day your roof is exposed to various weather hazards and other elements which contribute to your roof’s longevity and overall condition.

Well, it’s time to give your roof a little more thought! The major cause of roof problems is a poorly maintained roof. As the part of your house that takes the most abuse, your roof requires regular inspection, maintenance, and repair. With proper and regular maintenance, your roof can last an average of 15 to 30 years.

What are the red flags homeowners should be watching for when it comes to your roof?

There are several obvious red flags that homeowners should never ignore as you inspect and maintain your roof. Obvious problems like damaged shingles and roofing material are easy to spot, but some potential problems are not so obvious. These problems can include moss growing on the roof, wood rot, mold, pests, overhanging branches and leaks.

Royal Crown Roofing can help you identify and address each of these issues before they become a real problem. They can also help you replace your roof if that time has come. Whether you’re looking to revamp or replace your roof or require emergency storm damage repair we’re here to serve your needs. Contact Royal Crown Roofing to learn more about the steps you can take now to protect your roof through regular roof maintenance and inspection, for years to come.