Are your gutters in doing their job?

Are your gutters in doing their job?

Are your gutters in doing their job?

Gutters are pathways for water to flow off and away from your roof to protect it and your home. They lead the water to predesignated destinations that save your home from the damage the water can do to it, if the water is left there. If not for the gutters, the water can settle in your roof and eat away at it, causing rot and mold growth. Not only that, but animals and insects will make their homes in such spots, creating further damage.

Clean gutters that function properly are a must for a clean, dry home. If they are filled with leaves, twigs, birds’ nests, or any other debris, water will be left to pool on the roof and all this debris will rot and eventually fall off your roof in lumps, and do damage to the sides of your home. As this happens, the value of your home will decrease, as will its curb appeal.

But, perhaps worst of all, when water can’t drain off the roof, it will find its own pathways through your roof, rotting it and causing crevices where it can drain through your ceilings and down the walls inside your home. Of course, repairing all this will cost a pretty penny.

Don’t underestimate the value of your gutters. Be sure to keep them in good shape and contact Royal Crown Roofing when they are in need of repair or replacement.

Are gutters really necessary?

Are gutters really necessary?

Gutters divert rainwater away from your roof, walls and the foundation of your home, preventing stained siding on the outside of your house, water seeping down interior walls, puddles on your floors, and water damage to your foundation. So, gutters really are necessary!

When properly installed and maintained, gutters will prevent all these problems. But, when they get clogged up and rain can’t drain off your roof, the structure of your roof will be weakened, and the wood under the roofing will rot away, providing openings for critters of all types to build nests and nuzzle into corners for protection against the weather. But this does the opposite for you – it destroys the protective barrier between you and the weather – your roof.

Water left on your roof can also cause mold – that fuzzy, slimy, greenish-black growth. When spreading into your home, you, your pets’, and your family’s health will be in peril from lung problems. Mildew is another danger that will cause breathing problems, not to mention make your walls ugly with its green, black, red or pink powdery growth.
You may think you can climb up your ladder and clean out your gutters, but if you aren’t in the best shape, or you find it a stressful situation, it’s a good idea to get professional help. Royal Crown Roofing can get it done for you. At the same time, they can provide a free roof inspection to make sure all is in order on your roof. Contact them for help.

To all the brave who aren’t afraid of heights…

To all the brave who aren’t afraid of heights…

If you sit at a computer 16 hours a day, you aren’t in shape to be climbing ladders to make repairs on your roof, even if you aren’t scared of heights. And even if you’re in incredible physical condition, you may want to stay off ladders because they are extremely dangerous. OSHA, in its list of most dangerous jobs, puts roofers as third and that’s because roofers get killed falling off roofs and ladders. So, most of us don’t want to risk it.

Here are some tips for you, though, if you are willing to take the chance and try climbing up onto the roof:
– Make sure the ladder is in good shape, with nothing loose, split, bent or broken.
– Clean up any dirt, grease or dust on the ladder that might cause you to slip.
– Declutter the area before using the ladder.
– Put up the ladder only on a firm, level surface.
– Be sure to face the ladder when climbing up and down to keep your balance.
– Use both hands to securely grip the ladder while climbing.
– Take only small items up the ladder and avoid holding them in your hands.
– Avoid leaning away from the ladder, which can cause you to lose your balance.
– Don’t stand on the two top rungs of the ladder.
– Avoid distractions and stay focused on what you are doing.

Now, if all this seems rather difficult to do, and you want to leave the roof repair and replacement work to the professionals, contact Royal Crown Roofing for their assistance. They are glad to help you.

Are gutters really necessary?

Clearing out the gutters is an essential part of regular roof maintenance! You’ll be glad you did!

It may be seen as a dreaded job, but cleaning out your gutters regularly has lasting benefits to the life of your roof. Gutters are essential to your roof and channel water away from the base of your home. This helps prevent floods and decrease the possibility of damage to the home’s foundation which can be extremely costly. You don’t want to ignore your gutters!

It’s very important to keep the gutters in good working order. At least twice a year, you should examine or have someone else examine the gutters closely. Removing potential problems such as leaves, piles of dirt and tree branches keeps the roof in great shape and reduces the impact of sudden storms. Big storms can mean big problems for your roof and home if your gutters aren’t clear.

Several proven ways to clean your gutters include using a leaf blower, a power washer, a wet/dry vacuum, a garden hose or by hand. It’s important to address every clog or blockage because these can really cause damage in the long term. Regular roof maintenance may take some effort, but it’s worth it to your roof’s overall health and your peace of mind.

Contact Royal Crown Roofing to learn more about the steps you can take now to protect your roof through regular roof maintenance including gutter clearing. The expert team at Royal Crown Roofing can provide any type of service from roof installation to inspection and maintenance.  We look forward to discussing your roofing needs and sharing our expertise with you. 

Gutter Maintenance 101: Caring for Your Houston Gutter System

Gutter Maintenance 101: Caring for Your Houston Gutter System

Gutters are arguably the least interesting and certainly the least glamorous parts of a roofing project. However, they are among the most important parts. By removing rainwater from the roof and diverting it safely elsewhere, gutters provide a valuable service and give your roof a longer lifespan.

The problem with gutters arises when it’s time to perform maintenance. How do you clean gutters? More importantly, how do you clean gutters safely? Here’s a closer look at your home’s rain gutters and how you can take care of them.

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Why Do You Need Gutters in Houston?

Homeowners in arid climates with little rain may not have as much of a need for rain gutters. But Houstonians do not fit the bill. Houston summers are especially well known for bringing heavy thunderstorms and downpours. It’s definitely in your best interest to install quality gutters to deflect the rain and prolong your roof’s lifespan!

Cleaning Your Gutters

Without proper gutter guards in place, your rain gutters can become clogged with leaves and other organic debris over time. Clogged gutters are unable to do their job of diverting water and thus require a thorough cleaning. If your gutters need a quick wash, find a sturdy ladder and wear protective gear like gloves and goggles to protect yourself. You never know what critters may be hiding in the gutter debris, after all. Use a special spray attachment on your garden hose and flush out as much of the gunk as possible.

Pro Tip: Try not to use a scraping tool to remove dead leaves from your gutters. You could accidentally scratch the finish and encourage rust to form, further damaging your gutters and roof.

When to Call a Professional

For many homeowners, calling in a professional to clean their gutters is a better choice than attempting to do so themselves. Experts will naturally have all the right equipment to do an excellent job and keep your gutters clean for longer. Additionally, professional roof contractors understand proper safety measures and can do their job without putting themselves or the homeowner in danger. If your rain gutters need significant work and especially if you live in a two-story home, call your local Houston roofing company for help instead of trying to take care of them yourself.

Keeping Your Gutters in Good Shape

Gutter maintenance is a tricky job and not one you should always tackle on your own. But whether you choose to go DIY or hire a professional for gutter cleaning, it’s an important job that must be handled with care to keep your roof in good shape.

Connect with us for more information on roof maintenance and repairs.

Why Choose Professional Gutter Cleaning?

Why Choose Professional Gutter Cleaning?

Gutters are an important addition to most roofs, especially in rain-prone environments. However, any homeowner knows gutters can easily become clogged and dirty if not properly covered or cared for. Gutter cleaning is an unfortunate part of roof maintenance. But is it really a good idea to do by yourself?

Like most types of roof maintenance or repair, it’s best to call in a professional to clean your gutters. They’re trained to know what to do and to do a good job. There’s no need to expose yourself to risk when professionals will handle the job for you.

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It goes without saying that gutters are very high up, especially on a two-story home. And since walking on the roof is never a good idea, the safest way to access the gutters is via standing on a ladder. This can quickly become unsafe as you try to balance on the ladder while simultaneously scooping out leaves into a trash bag. Without the proper equipment, you can easily injure yourself. Hiring a professional removes the risk from you and ensures that the cleaner brings the right equipment to protect themselves as well.

Pro Tip: Once your gutters are clean, talk to your roof contractor about installing gutter guards to prevent them from clogging again.

Professional Treatment from Conroe Roofing Experts

Gutters are surprisingly easy to damage. A scratch in the paint or finish could allow rust to develop, turning an already messy situation into a very difficult one as the gutters rot. Fortunately, professional cleaners know exactly what tools to use and how to use them to avoid further damaging your roof. Let them handle the cleaning so you can stay confident your roof is still in good shape.

Avoid Clogged Gutters on Your Woodlands Home

Cleaning your own gutters is possible, but it does present risks that most homeowners may not be prepared to deal with. Why deal with that alone? Call a professional to take care of your gutters for you and rest assured that your roof will be in good condition for a long time.

Join the conversation to learn more about our professional gutter cleaning services in the Houston area.