Are your gutters in doing their job?

Gutters are pathways for water to flow off and away from your roof to protect it and your home. They lead the water to predesignated destinations that save your home from the damage the water can do to it, if the water is left there. If not for the gutters, the water can settle in your roof and eat away at it, causing rot and mold growth. Not only that, but animals and insects will make their homes in such spots, creating further damage.

Clean gutters that function properly are a must for a clean, dry home. If they are filled with leaves, twigs, birds’ nests, or any other debris, water will be left to pool on the roof and all this debris will rot and eventually fall off your roof in lumps, and do damage to the sides of your home. As this happens, the value of your home will decrease, as will its curb appeal.

But, perhaps worst of all, when water can’t drain off the roof, it will find its own pathways through your roof, rotting it and causing crevices where it can drain through your ceilings and down the walls inside your home. Of course, repairing all this will cost a pretty penny.

Don’t underestimate the value of your gutters. Be sure to keep them in good shape and contact Royal Crown Roofing when they are in need of repair or replacement.