Want to check the condition of your roof? Grab a flashlight and head to the attic for an interior roof check!

Performing a roof check from the inside out is a great way to get the whole story on the current condition of your roof.  Take a bright flashlight up to your attic and check for a few obvious signs that it might be time for a needed repairs. 

  • Before you turn your flashlight on, see if you notice any streams of light coming through cracks in your roof. If you do see any light coming through your roof, repair or replace your roof immediately. If light is getting through your roof, then water is also getting through your roof.
  • If you notice dark streaks and stains on the underside of the roof or running down the walls, then your roof is probably leaking, and this can really damage the roof and your home’s interior. If you do see sagging areas in your roof from below, use your hand or a broom to lightly touch the sagging spot. If the spot feels soft, wet or bends easily, you know you have water damage.
  • When you check for dark streaks and sagging areas also look for obvious water leaks or rotting on the inside. These signs of water damage should be addressed right away.

Contact Royal Crown Roofing to learn more about the steps you can take now to protect your roof through regular roof maintenance.  With our years of experience, we can help you determine when it’s time for a new roof or just some maintenance here and there. Royal Crown Roofing offers a full range of commercial and residential roofing services, from new roof installation to roof repairs and more. We look forward to discussing your roofing needs with you.