Now that the holidays are over, have you taken down all your lights yet?

If you haven’t, take care. Try not to do it yourself, unless you have the strength and agility to avoid injury on that high ladder. Here are a few tips:

1)Make sure the ladder is clean, and has no slippery substances on it that can cause you to lose your step.

2)  Wear the right shoes — no flip-flops or house slippers. Avoid shoes that cause you to slip or lose your balance.

3)Make sure the ladder is set up on firm, dry ground that’s level and without debris.

4)Avoid dangerous moves on the ladder, like leaning in different directions, or trying to turn around to get something that’s out of reach. Instead, climb            down and move the ladder to the right position to accomplish what you want.

5)Never climb up to the highest rung on the ladder. This will topple you to the ground quicker than anything else.

6)Don’t climb onto the roof. Roofs are easily damaged, and so are you if you fall off.

And if you spot something on your roof that’s out of order or needs repairing, call Royal Crown Roofing for their expert assistance, and get it fixed                before the next winter storm.