Is a roof leaking just a little bit something to worry about?

Are you finding small puddles in the corner of a room or moisture on the walls in one part of the building or house? Or, does water drip a little from the ceiling when it rains? Why not just put a bucket under the leak and hope for the best? Why not wait for a two- or three-bucket leak or a ceiling falling in to check out the roof?

We all know that’s foolishness!

What are some of the big indicators that your roof has problems that need to be fixed? One is when you notice missing shingles, or moisture or rotting wood in the attic. These can be addressed in a timely manner to avoid emergencies.

But, what do you do if you can’t find the leak?

Sometimes leaks can’t easily be found without spending a lot of time and money looking for them. Royal Crown Roofing has the solution to saving your time and money. They have specialized equipment that can spot leaks quickly and effectively in the form of an infrared camera that gives an accurate picture of your roof’s condition. It can detect even the smallest leaks so they can be repaired before disaster strikes during some terrible storm. The camera can detect moisture, mold and mold erosion and any damage already done to the roof.

Let Royal Crown Roofing find those hidden leaks and make the repairs before they expand to the point of water pouring into your home. They are there to help you.