Have you noticed what’s growing on your roof lately?

Our humidity here in the Houston area offers the perfect environment for a roof-destroying aquatic plant called algae. You’ve probably noticed it when you’ve been camping. It’s that greenish plant that grows in damp areas out in the woods under shady trees, and it especially thrives in our heat and high humidity combination.

A soft wind can blow spores onto your roof and then the humidity and rain will spur them into growth, and they will spread quickly. Further complicating the situation are leaves, branches and debris in the gutters and on the roof, keeping water from draining off it, and creating the perfect moist atmosphere for the growing algae.

Commonly, the type of algae growing on roofs is Gloeocapsa magma, which thrives on water and causes black stains, or what looks like mold, but it can also appear to be green moss spreading across the roof. It needs food to survive, and it feeds on some of the materials found inside your roof. It will grow inside shingles, flashing and gutters, resulting in damage that will lead to water leaking into your home, and the destruction of your roof’s protection from the sun’s dangerous UV rays.

Royal Crown Roofing’s expert roofers can help you recognize what’s growing on your roof with a free roof inspection. Then they can help you with a deep cleaning to repair the situation. Contact them.