Last summer, someone said, “Houston is the hottest darn place on Earth!”

Whoever said that wasn’t telling the truth. It was sweltering last summer here in the Houston area, but most of us have heard that Death Valley, California, is the hottest place on Earth. And all our rain doesn’t compare with Mawsynrami, India, which is the rainiest place on Earth. But Houston does have interesting weather with its average 90-days-per-year of precipitation, 205 sunny days, average high temperature of 93ᐤ and humidity average level of 75. With all of that, along with our hurricanes, wind, and hail; our roofs and gutters take a lot of beatings.

Gutters and downspouts perform years of faithful protection against all kinds of weather for our Houston area homes, but eventually they need replacement. So how do you know when it’s time?

Here are a few hints:

If your gutters have large, extensive holes, cracks, rust spots, or damage to the seams that connect sections of the gutters, it can mean leaks both outside and inside your home. Leaking gutters also cause peeling and bubbling up of excess moisture under the paint on siding and wood trim, eventually leading to rotting of the wood and mildew damage to your home. They can also destroy the landscaping close to the house.

If you have noticed any of these problems, it’s probably time to replace the gutter and downspout system. Royal Crown Roofing can help you figure out what to do next. Let them help you.