Remember our last summer here in the Houston area? If you do, then you know it’s time to get ready for hurricane season.

Spring means high winds, wind-borne debris, and lashing rainstorms are on the way with hurricane season. Our roofs are in danger. Hopefully, no unwelcome floods will destroy our landscapes, too.

Preparation is the key. Even small leaks can expand into disastrous ones in heavy rain and wind storms. What seems like a small problem with your roof today can expand into a huge one and even bring a need for a new roof.

Getting a roof inspection will detect any weaknesses in your roofing structure. Fixing them is what Royal Crown Roofing does to protect you this hurricane season and in the future. We may only have to replace a rubber gasket, repair flashings or a few damaged shingles—but if they are not taken care of promptly, it may mean an entirely new roof is in the works for the near future.

Regular inspections and maintenance of your roof also include checking out the insulation materials inside the roof, which prevents mold from growing inside it and water from seeping into your house. Any weakness in the insulation will reduce your roof’s effectiveness in protecting you, your family, and your property from the elements.

Royal Crown Roofing’s trained project managers will be glad to help you with a full inspection and any repairs that are needed. Contact them soon!