In Houston, there is an old saying that, “After the wind comes the rain, blowing in right off the Gulf.”

So what happens if some night, the wind blows fiercely, and a branch falls on your roof right over your bedroom, and you expect rain? You might push everything in the room away from the gaping hole in the ceiling and then grab a tarp (if you have one) and cover everything all up—including the bed, so you can’t sleep in it that night, of course. Maybe you get large pans from the kitchen to catch the rain when it comes. You think about climbing up onto the roof to try to cover the hole, but you wisely rule that out.

All kinds of emergencies come to us throughout life and we aren’t always prepared or able to take care of what needs to be done. A fire, a tornado, a hurricane, a windstorm that knocks branches or even a tree on your house can each cause immense damage, costing thousands of dollars.

What you need is someone to show up as quickly as possible to take care of the problem. Contact Royal Crown Roofing to come to the rescue the first thing the next morning. Their experienced team will inspect the damage–at no charge–and come up with a plan to repair it.