What do you do if you have water leaking down your walls and from your ceiling and no one can find the source?

It can originate anywhere in your roof—even rooms away—and drip from ceilings and down walls, leaving yellow stains. What do you do?

Do you tear your roof apart until you find it? And what if in addition to the water dripping from your ceiling and walls, you smell a musty odor and wonder if mold is growing?

Before you move out, contact Royal Crown Roofing for their help pinpointing the source of the leak without destroying your expensive roof, walls, and ceiling. They can use their thermal imaging cameras to find where the moisture and water are hiding inside your roof so the problem can be rectified.

Thermography is non-destructive, so no part of the roof needs to be removed for it to work. It can find problems in areas you couldn’t easily access, even if you did tear your roof apart. The images it creates are easy to read and are produced quickly so fixing the leaks can be done immediately, saving both time and money. This process, in addition to locating current leaks, can also indicate where the roof is weak and where future leaks may occur when weakened by time or the weather.

Contact Royal Crown Roofing today for a free inspection and get set up to do the thermal imaging. When they find out what’s going on, they can take care of repairs quickly before winter sets in.