Winter’s on its way—eventually. Make sure your roof is ready!

There are wise measures you can take to prepare for winter weather. Your house needs special care, especially on the roof. A proper clean-up includes getting rid of leaves, branches, and debris in gutters, plus checking out the flashing around vents, pipes, dormers, skylights, and chimneys. Doing any necessary repair work now can save a lot of frustration later when it gets cold outside, possibly even as cold as last February was here in Houston.

When the weather gets cold and wind, sleet, and rainstorms come to Houston, ice dams can build up along the edge of your roof, preventing water from draining off of it and leaving water and ice sitting there, ready to damage the roof and seep into your home. And gutters stuffed with litter and leaves can contribute to the problem.

Hopefully, the Houston area won’t again lose power just as it did last year in the middle of a sub-arctic freeze. Yes, hopefully, we won’t have either type of emergency. But, it’s smart to be prepared for anything, and even if we have warm weather and mild rainstorms, roofs need to be taken care of in order to avoid damage.

A roof inspection can reveal what your roof needs to endure whatever kind of weather’s on its way. Contact Royal Crown Roofing for a free inspection and to make sure your roof is in good order.