Gutters aren’t just there to be cleaned, like most other aspects of a home, gutters combine form with function, and a well-maintained gutter system has the potential to increase your home’s curb appeal along with preserving its structural integrity.

A new gutter can ensure that runoff water from your roof won’t fall into certain areas around your home and help assist with flood prevention.

An inch of rainfall doesn’t sound like a lot,  but when it falls on an average-sized roof, it adds up to 1,900 gallons running down the eaves. That’s a lot of water with no guided path that can cause a lot of damage if your gutters aren’t up to the task of controlling it.

If you’re starting fresh, there is a lot of shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from. The best option for most of us is metal; copper, zinc, steel or aluminum. Metal gutters are durable and need relatively little care and will surpass any viynl.

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