Tips to protect your home from storm damage

The average home goes through a lot of punishment day to day, particularly your roof. The amount of exposure they get can damage the structure and leave you open to problems like leaks or holes, particularly during a storm.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your home safe from the storm and avoid a potential disaster:

Replace Problem Shingles

Your shingles are the first line of defense for your roof. Because of this, it is also likely to get damaged, if left unrepaired it can lead to further problems in your home. Replace any cracked, bent or missing shingles immediately to avoid a quicker deterioration, Royal Crown Roofing also provides repairs on damaged roofs.

Get Impact-Rated Windows

Your windows can be cracked by flying/falling debris and their frames can also deteriorate and let drafts in, this can not only weaken your windows but also increase the cost of keeping your home warm/cool. To keep yourself safe, get high-quality windows with high-impact ratings the higher the rating indicates how durable the window is, which can prevent or minimize damage from wind, and debris.

Repair Weather Sealing

Whether it’s for your doors or windows, it’s always good to get your weather sealing repaired/replaced. If it gets old or damaged, it can become the source of drafts and water leaks and also increase the cost of keeping your home warm/cool.

Clear Out Your Gutters

Storm damage from water is minimized when it is flowing through your gutters. However, debris like leaves, branches, and granules from your shingles might pile up and clog your gutters. With nowhere to go the water can pile up and create roof leaks, make sure you clear out your gutters before and after a storm so it can allow water to flow away from the roof.

Here at Royal Crown Roofing we inspect and advise you on your best course of action, be it a small repair, a new roof or nothing at all, sometimes the damage can be superficial and require no work, that is why it is always best to call an expert if you’re unsure.

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