Understanding Our Referral Rewards Program

Understanding Our Referral Rewards Program

Understanding Our Referral Rewards Program

At Royal Crown Roofing, we strive to provide the best service and experience possible for our clients. In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll love your new roof that you can’t help but brag to your friends and family. Better yet, if your friends hire us based on your recommendation, we have a few special ways of thanking you!

Our referral rewards program offers different levels of compensation for referring us to your friends, family, or even other properties you own. Not only will your referred friend get a new roof, but you’ll be rewarded for your efforts! If you’re interested in having us talk to your friends and taking advantage of our generous reward system, here’s what you need to know.

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The Referral Process

If you have a friend who would like a new or replaced roof, start the referral process by submitting the Referral Form. After we receive your form, our representatives will contact your referral to schedule a roof inspection at no charge. If your friend receives a new roof, you will receive your reward once the roof has been installed and the Certificate of Completion has been signed. 

Pro Tip: If your friend contacts Royal Crown Roofing before you submit the referral form, you are not guaranteed to receive credit for their installation. Submit the Referral Form before any inspection or estimate is scheduled. 

Potential Rewards

From gift cards to a round-trip for two, the rewards from our referral program don’t disappoint! Gift cards range from $250-$1000 and can be redeemed anywhere from Amazon to Bass Pro Shops. The amount of qualified customers you’re able to refer determines the final reward. For those who are able to reach the master level, a $3000 travel voucher for two is available to be used toward any destination of your choice.   

Program Restrictions

Due to the range of this rewards program, there are a few restrictions that apply. Make sure you are able to meet these qualifications by checking the following list:

  • Whoever you refer must be a homeowner that contracts with Royal Crown Roofing for a new or replacement roof of at least 1,500 square feet.
  • You cannot refer yourself if you’re replacing the roof of your primary residence. However, you can refer yourself if you have a second home or rental property.
  • Your referral submission count resets one year after your first referral.
  • If your referral contacts Royal Crown Roofing before the Referral Form is submitted, it will not be counted toward your submission count.
  • You can’t use redeem the reward amount as a VISA gift card or as store credit toward any outstanding balances with Royal Crown Roofing.
  • Only one person can be used as the contact when referring to others.

Get Rewarded!

You already give recommendations of stores, brands, and restaurants to your friends and family after you’re particularly pleased with a new discovery. Why not get rewarded for your efforts? Get a friend in touch with us and start earning great incentives!

Connect with us for more details of our program and to get started.

The Importance of a Quality Roof for Your Houston Business

The Importance of a Quality Roof for Your Houston Business

It’s easy to find advice and information regarding your house’s roofing materials and maintenance. But what about your business? If you own the building your business operates from, you’re responsible for its upkeep. Do you need a new roof for your business?

Similar to a residential roof, a well-built roof made from quality materials is an important addition to your business’s location. When was the last time you considered the roof as you upgraded your workplace? Check out a few reasons why you can’t afford to neglect your business roof in your plans or expenses.

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Protection from the Elements

A leaky or worn-down roof does no one any favors. Rainwater seeping in through cracks and weak spots can damage your business space and annoy your customers, not to mention damage the structure of the building itself. Even on rain-free days, holes in your roof will let in the Houston heat and make working indoors unbearable. For comfort and longevity, a quality roof is crucial to your business.

Appealing Appearance

Part of running a quality business is maintaining a pleasing appearance. Whether you prefer to spend your aesthetics attention on landscaping, your building, or the interior, you can’t deny the importance of having a rooftop that looks as professional and well-maintained as the rest of your building. Maintaining an eye-catching rooftop will encourage your customers to regard your business as a quality business and, hopefully, attract new ones who feel the same way!

Pro Tip: A roof is one of the most prominent exterior features of your business. Make sure yours looks good to potential customers.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to protecting you from bad weather, an excellent roof can also help keep your power bills balanced. The proper roofing and insulation materials will keep heat out and your climate-controlled air inside, balancing out the temperature and ensuring that you and your customers remain comfortable. Best of all, sealing up leaks will ensure your air conditioning doesn’t work overtime to cool everything down and cost you even more money. The initial investment in a new roof will eventually pay for itself!

We Can Help!

Our team of roofing experts can help you assess your business’s needs, draw up a plan, and construct a brand new roof to enhance your business location and make your competitors jealous. Get started with a new roof to protect your workplace and put you on the path to success!

Connect with us to start planning your workplace’s new roof.

Roof Replacement vs. Repair

Roof Replacement vs. Repair

There’s no question that preventive maintenance work on your home can save you an immense amount of effort and money later on. It’s better to catch a problem when it can be easily handled than to let it worsen with time. However, your roof may be a different story. When is it appropriate to replace the entire thing, and when can you get by with just a few repairs?

Depending on the extent of damages, you may only need a cosmetic touch up or minor repair instead of a full roof replacement. However, choosing one solution too quickly does you no favors. Before you decide on the type of work your roof needs, it’s important to assess the damage and consult an expert.

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Patching Over Minor Damage

Missing shingles can result in damage to the roof itself. Fortunately, homeowners may get lucky and only end up with a minor hole or weak spot in the roof. In this case, you may be tempted to think a quick patch will take care of the problem. This may seem like an easy fix, but you should always let an expert inspect the roof first. The damage may have spread further than it first appears. Additionally, adding patching an old roof in need of repairs with brand new roofing materials may just make the whole situation worse. Never assume a patch will fix the deeper issue.

Replacing Shingles or Tiles

If only a few shingles or tiles are missing, a quick replacement is probably all you need. Once again, however, the true answer depends on the rest of your roof. Does the damage extend into the structure itself? Are the other shingles on the roof buckled or peeling? Shingles are designed to last for decades, so if you notice the other shingles starting to fall apart, that’s a sign of serious damage below the surface.

Additionally, if you see granules from your asphalt shingles showing up on the ground or in your roof’s gutters, that indicates moderate to severe roof damage. Call a roof repair service immediately.

Pro Tip: Replacing only damaged shingles or tiles while ignoring the roof structure itself runs the risk of ignoring subtler problems. Always have the roof inspected too.

A Whole New Roof

Finally, there will be times when you can’t get away with mere repairs and have to settle for an entirely new roof. If your roof has recently suffered severe storm or water damage, the materials are deteriorating, or your home is simply old and in need of renovations, you’ll find yourself having a new roof installed. Your roofing contractor will help you determine the exact extent of necessary work. 

Determining the Best Course of Action

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against wind, rain, hail, and more. Even minor damages can be catastrophic if left untreated. Before you decide on whether to replace or repair your roof, make sure to consult with an expert on the best decision to prevent your house from sustaining further damage.

Connect with us to schedule your free roof inspection today!

Choosing the Right Shingle Color for Your Woodlands Roof

Choosing the Right Shingle Color for Your Woodlands Roof

As important as your roof’s functionality is, no one wants an ugly rooftop. A pleasing color can complement your home and increase your property value. Plus, different roof colors absorb heat at different rates, helping balance your home’s energy consumption. This choice can make a big difference!

Your choices in shingle colors are generally restricted to a few shades. Unfortunately, you’ll probably never get a neon green set of shingles. But the choices you do have can make your home look classy and help balance heat flow. Which color is best for your home? These factors can help you decide.

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Local Climate

For Houston homeowners, keeping out the heat is a constant problem. Fortunately, a wisely chosen shingle color can reflect a decent amount of sunlight. Darker colors tend to absorb huge amounts of heat, so if your home gets a lot of direct sunlight, consider a lighter earth tone or even off-white shade. This color will prevent your air conditioning from working overtime and keep your energy bills low.

Pro Tip: A lighter shingle color will repel heat more effectively, but it will also show algae and mold growth pretty clearly. Keep a light-colored roof clean!

Your House Color

A shingle roof will last between 10-30 years depending on environment and maintenance. You’ll want it to look good and complement your house color! While you could definitely find a matching color for a seamless house, why not go for a contrasting color that just looks good? For instance, for a brown or earth-tone house, go for a grey or dark blue shingle color. A white-walled house might look good with slate gray or black shingles. Some roofing companies will even mix different shades for a checkerboard pattern! It all depends on your preference and what looks best with your house.

The Neighbors’ Roofs

What decorative choices did your neighbors make for their roofing shingles? You don’t have to copy their ideas, but cool roofs could be a source of inspiration for you. Are there any colors or patterns that catch your eye? Would they complement your own home too?

A Decorative and Functional Choice

Choosing a shingle color may seem largely trivial until you consider its potential impact on your energy efficiency and property value. Don’t settle for a boring shingle pattern. Ask about different colors you can choose from and find one that works best with your home and preferences.

Ready to schedule a roof redesign? Connect with us to browse our roofing materials and speak with our experts.

Is It Time to Replace Your Woodlands Roof?

Is It Time to Replace Your Woodlands Roof?

Depending on the roofing material you choose, your roof could last you between 10-50 years! Of course, bad weather conditions and other problems can shorten your roof’s lifespan and make a full replacement necessary. Hopefully, you won’t need to replace everything too often, but it’s important to know the telltale signs of something going wrong.

Each type of roofing material has its pros and cons, so the signs of decay or damage will differ. It’s difficult to predict what can damage your roof so badly you need a full replacement. If you notice any of these warning signs on your own roof, it may be time to call a professional.

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Cupping, Curling, or Cracked Shingles

Heat or ventilation escaping through your roof can cause the shingles to warp or “cup”, ballooning outward and making them more vulnerable to damage. Meanwhile, if the corners of the shingles are curling upwards or the shingles themselves are cracking, rainwater can easily seep through your roof and damage your house. If you own a house with a shingled roof, keep an eye on it, especially during the hot summer months. Damaged or curling shingles will crack easily and make the damage worse.  

The Neighbors Have New Roofs

If you notice your entire neighborhood is suddenly upgrading their rooftops too, consider asking around for the reasons. If everyone suddenly experienced roof damage from a bad thunderstorm, chances are your roof needs some work too. The damage might not be visible, but don’t assume you just got lucky. Have a professional assess your roof and tell you about any repairs you may need.

Mold or Algae Damage

In its early stages, mold or algae growth on your roof is easily washed off with the proper equipment. But not everyone catches the problem in time. Algae can eat away at your shingle granules and reduce your roof’s lifespan. Worse, the leaks and damage caused by algae can spread to the inside of your roof and damage your home. If you notice mold growth on your roof, don’t wait–schedule a professional roof cleaning immediately.

Shingled rooftops are particularly vulnerable to algae and mold growth, but this damaging condition can affect any type of roofing material. Keep your roof clean regardless of what material you choose.

Protecting Your Houston Home

A durable, well-maintained roof is your first line of defense against the elements. If you notice damage getting worse with time, don’t waste your money on a repair that will just have to be repeated later. A full replacement will guarantee you protection for a long time to come.

Wondering if your roof needs replacing? Connect with us to speak to our experts and let us see how we can help you.

3 Best Roofing Materials for Houston Roofing

3 Best Roofing Materials for Houston Roofing

Getting a new roof for your Houston home? It’s probably time to consider what material the builders will be using. In the Texas sun, the longer your roof will last, the less heat you’ll have to deal with inside your house.

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Popular Roofing Materials

When shopping for roofing materials, most people consider durability and cost to be the most important factors. But don’t forget about appearance! Your roof doesn’t have to be ugly. Between cost, appearance, and durability, three types of roofing materials have shown themselves to be the best choices for Houston homeowners:

  1. Shingles
  2. Metal roofing
  3. Roof tiles

1) Shingles

Arguably the most commonly used roofing material today, shingles can be seen on thousands of Houston homes. Most shingles used on homes today are asphalt shingles, made of fiberglass covered in light-resistant, colorful asphalt. These types of shingles are widely popular in Houston due to their average 30-year lifespan, high wind and water resistance, and affordability. Just make sure to find high-quality asphalt shingles! In the Houston heat, a cheap shingle can crack and peel, exposing your roof to damage.

Some homeowners opt for wooden shingles instead. With proper treatment and maintenance, wooden shingles are surprisingly resistant to both water and fire. Just keep in mind that wooden shingle roofing costs more compared to asphalt, and some residential areas prone to fire won’t allow it.

Pro Tip: Poorly cleaned roof shingles can provide a perfect place for algae to grow. Don’t let algae eat away at your roof and create leaks! Call a professional cleaning service to keep your roof algae-free.

2) Metal Roofing

With modern improvements, metal roofing has retained its high durability while improving its appearance. Metal rooftops are now available in colors or patterns to mimic more conventional rooftops. These roofs can also be installed in large sheets instead of hundreds of small tiles, creating fewer cracks to rain to seep through. Just remember that this is also by far the most expensive option for Houston homeowners. The higher cost of a metal roof is usually negligible compared to its long lifespan, but emergency repairs can cost you more than just replacing a few shingles.

3) Roof Tiles

Tiles, ranging from clay or slate to even solar panels, also appear frequently on Houston rooftops. A tiled roof has significantly more curb appeal than most shingles or metal roofing, in addition to easily keeping out the Texas heat. Plus, tiles of any kind easily resist fire, insects, and water leakage. They’re certainly a fantastic choice!

Of course, any roofing style has its disadvantages. The durable nature of tiles makes them very thick and heavy, so roof installation or repairs can be a chore. They can also break if a homeowner walks on the roof, requiring further work. The best way to maintain a tile rooftop is to hire professionals to do the installation and prevent additional maintenance work for a long time to come.

A Long-Lasting Houston Roof

While appearance is certainly important to homeowners, most Houston residents give more attention to keeping out the sun and rain and cultivating a long lifespan for their roof. Texas homes are particularly vulnerable to heat and direct sunlight for most of the year. Consider how much sun your house gets every day and research different roofing types to find the best option for you.

Still not sure what the best choice is for your new roof? Connect with us to speak with our roofing experts and get started remodeling.